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"Minorities and women are significantly underrepresented in the Technology Industry.  I am going to change that"

~Frank Satterwhite, Founder/Pres


Having overcome many of my own personal and environment conditions, I definitively believe people can be better than the circumstances from which they come. My own formative years were spent very poor. I experienced both multi-cultural, black and Spanish speaking urban neighborhoods, as well as rural communities. Growing up I noted the critical flaw fueling the socio-economic struggles of people like me. Poverty incited the lack of options, resources and guidance for any of us to pursue a quality education. I knew I needed education. With a lot of hard work, I ultimately ended up being accepted into The University of California at Berkeley. At Cal Berkeley is where my aptitude and passion for technology started.

While attending UC Berkeley, I launched my west coast reality rap label with the goal to follow my love of hip hop. I always had a propensity towards business as well as a strong intuition for popular culture interests.

As I pursued my education, I negotiated national and international distribution deals for our music catalogue. Our label’s roster featured Gold artists such as members of 2Pac’s Thuglife, and Bloody Mary.

It was during this time I truly saw how Hip Hop was the voice for so many aspiring to be better than their circumstances despite race, gender or opportunity.​

I realized I needed to be an even stronger agent for social change. After graduating from UC Berkeley, I sunset the record label to focus on defying barriers youth face when trying to reach their potential. The same barriers I had once faced.

It was through these circumstances that the vision for the 1600 Avenue 501c3 non-profit was born based in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. Its flagship agenda was The Hip Hop Leaders Program.

Today, I’m fortunate and blessed.  I have gone on to become the Founder and CEO of 1600 Cyber GmbH, www.1600Cyber.com and leading a global cybersecurity company.  I apply technical expertise to lead the handling of cyber attacks and incidents that can cause geopolitical instability. For the majority of my career, I have held high-level security clearances for NATO and the Department of Defense, working in classified, Joint warfighting, and private sector environments in Europe.

By achieving a Master's in Cyber Security from George Mason's Engineering Program and also becoming an authorised ISACA Trainer, CISSP, CISM, and CSX-P Boot Camp Instructor, I have been prepared to lead cyber security programs.  Combining technical skills, experience, education, and training I know how to lead and more I importantly can prepare the next generation in our program to lead one day.  This serves my primary goal.

Because ultimately what I am and what I want is simple. I want to be an example. An example with one exception, for our students not to be me, but to be better than me.