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Technology Consulting


We believe that advancing technology has a direct connection with improving the quality of people’s day to day lives.

​As a not for profit organization, 1600 Avenue Corporation works in the public’s interest to advance STEM educational opportunities for young people. 1600 Avenue Technology Consulting enlists the help of Engineers that have excelled in the defense industry, Fortune 500 corporations, NATO organizations, as well as non-profits. These highly-skilled, but more importantly compassionate engineers, deliver services that generate monies to sustain our STEM programs. Our Consultants are leaders in both Global Cyber Security, Information Technology, and Privacy Solutions Consulting Services.

Cyber Security, Information Technology, and Privacy Solutions Consulting Services: 

1600 Avenue Consultants work with a specific focus to protect your assets against emerging threats and work preventatively to resolve cybersecurity issues before they have a chance to surface. Our passion to protect mentality allows us to understand your business,  Where possible, we leverage emerging technologies such as A.I. and Blockchain to our internal processes as well as our security and privacy compliance and mobile solutions.    

Our consultants can provide you a free consultation to discuss your cybersecurity requirements. We also are currently available to teach CISSP and CISM boot camps, and ISACA’s CSX hands-on cybersecurity skills training classes.