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Hip Hop Leaders STEM Event


Annual Global Cyber Security, AI, & Data Privacy Conference 

At The University of California at Berekely

Our students embrace the challenge of being part of the pipeline of young talent needed to diversify the STEM workforce, while also satisfying the growing future demands for more STEM Professionals.


We believe single session life-change transformations can happen and are real.   An example would be Martin Luther King´s speech `"I Have a Dream".  As Dr. King´s speech changed the mindsets and lives of a nation, we want the annual conference to change the lives of our students through a powerful, positive, empowering college experience. 


This Event shows young, vibrant minds that who they are and what they “love” can be fueled into a successful career in STEM-related fields without compromising their sense of self. We highlight that becoming a cybersecurity engineer is one of the best ways to break stereotypes, become affluent, and get respect. We glamorized being an engineer, the same way society glamorizes being a professional athlete or a hip hop artist. Underrepresented young women and men will want to be the next Bill Gates with the same passion that some want to be the next Steph Curry, Jay Z, LeBron James, or Rhianna.

Key learning aspects of the Annual STEM Conference Include:

  • Hands-On Cyber Security Labs and Platforms provided by 1600 Cyber and ISACA.

  • Cyber Security Mentorship & Boot Camp Training provided by 1600 Cyber

  • Work Readiness and Professional Mentorship

  • Artificial Intelligence Workshops

  • Privacy Protections and Responsible Use of Social Media Workshops

  • Python and Mobile Development Workshops

  • UX Design Workshops

  • Data Science Workshops

The Conference also features:

  • Students from around the world sharing, celebrating their “relationship” with Hip Hop

  • Young Women and Underrepresented youth gaining exposure to STEM career paths they may not otherwise have 

  • Young Women and Underrepresented youth staying in dorms and getting the full “college experience” just footsteps from Silicon Valley

  • Hip Hop Artists and Celebrity Panelists

  • Live Streaming of conference events to more than 20 countries and millions worldwide

  •  Silicon Valley Executives and Engineers sharing keys for success and insight into the Tech World

  • Sponsor Showcases

Hip Hop Leaders holds the technological mic for the “underrepresented” youth to be a Voice, spark change, and lead to inspired innovation, and the pursuit of what is possible. ​