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Hip Hop Leaders STEM Event



There are young people out there who are labeled "at-risk" even though these same teens are some of the most promising, and brightest minds imaginable.  Each teen, given the opportunity, can have a mindset of hope and resilience that will allow them to persevere and achieve their dreams of being successful.  It is not the students who should be viewed as "at-risk" rather than the future of the most relied upon industries that will be "at risk of much needed diverse problem solvers and innovators.  We need to prepare our the next generation!

It is no secret that today´s young people are digital natives-they simply do not know a world without technology. 

Hence, it only makes sense that these same digital jedis become tomorrow´s tech executives and leaders whom we refer to as "Hip Hop Leaders".  


1600 Avenue´s flagship program Hip Hop Leaders empowers young, vibrant minds, to use who they are and what they love to fuel a successful career in STEM-related fields, without compromising their sense of self.  The program provides real world work readiness skills, technical mentorship, and accelerated opportunities.