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Hip Hop Leaders STEM Classroom: Permanently Connecting The “Underrepresented” to the World of Possibilities


The Founder, Frank Satterwhite believes that relationships and the connections we make are the gateway to all else, including learning, key influencing, impact, and all other notions of success.  


The critical step for a program like this is to gain the followership of its participants, which by this phase initial initial interest has already been achieved through the annual 1600 Avenue Global Cyber Security, AI, and Privacy Conference.   To recap, the 1600 Avenue Conference event is non-stop fun, building connections, relationships and brings youth closer to ideas and opportunities that initially feel impossible or too out of reach.  We want to engage youth in a highly energetic, highly valued  based and highly inspirational way, yet show them that what they are seeing are all highly achievable goals.  This is what the Annual Conference and related music events are best at doing.

Further, where others fail, 1600 Avenue succeeds  because we do not stop there.  After the conference we take  membership from the high potentials that we find within committed students and we continue the skills development tutoring and mentorship year round.  This keeps the trajectory real and for some of the less supported students, this year round effort makes the future possibilities feel possible.

Now that our students are engaged we begin the real work!  During the school year, we hold regular meetings and workshops that give the students the support they need in their pursuit of college.  Bi-monthly we conduct hard skill and soft skill sessions with music, entertainment, and tech leaders to keep the students excited about learning. to to

College Prep Framework Goals:

1.  Let us keep them inspired.  Let us keep showing them we care about their futures.

2.  Let us provide ongoing wellness, values, expectations, and ethics mentorship

3.  Let us facilitate year round "hard and soft" skills development workshops and tutoring

Our work also provides strategies to handle life´s socio-economic hurdles.  Finally, we are teaching wellness approaches into our students as a way to cope and enhance the quality of their lives.