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Chief Operational Officer, William M. Turneur

Mr. William Turneur has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Global Business Management, and has excelled in important roles in two world-renown Corporations in Silicon Valley.  At Bloom Energy his role was that of an Interconnection Specialist.  Bloom Energy provides fuel cell energy servers to major fortune 500 companies and various municipalities in other regions around the world.  At Hewlett Packard and Agilent Technologies for over 16 years, he served in the role of Information Technology Manager at the Corporate Data Center and the Human Resources Information Technology organizations in Palo Alto California.  He streamlined and efficiently managed numerous IT teams including system management, system installations, system security, computer operations staff, production control, data transmission, event detection and notification, print control, media storage management and the global HR support desk.

Mr. Turneur’s defining, personal core values that he incorporates on a daily bases into his life include respect, integrity, loyalty, accountability, discipline, commitment, open-mindedness, honesty, and diligence.  These core values align perfectly with 1600 Avenue.  We are thankful he has decided to join our team.